Career Opportunities

Research Fellow (Biomedical/Clinical) (2 Positions)-Full Time

The Research Fellow position is equivalent to a university lecturer position with a unique focus on research scholarship and grant monitoring and evaluation. The successful candidates will be offered 3-5 year mentored research in biomedical/clinical genetics in a variety of areas including blood disorders, diabetes, kidney disease and cancer with the goal of transitioning to become an independent investigator by the 5th year of Fellowship. The candidates will be assigned a portfolio of PhD and Master’s degree Fellowship Awards to monitor and evaluate in collaboration with WAGMC Grants Administration staff, and the host department of the WAGMC Postgraduate Fellowship. Additional duties will include teaching and mentoring of graduates and undergraduates.

  • Conduct mentored research in biomedical/clinical genetics in one of the following thematic areas: a) blood disorders, b) diabetes and kidney disease, and c) cancer
  • Develop new research ideas and methodologies; participate in collaborations focused on cutting-edge research; develop research commercialization and consultancy portfolios
  • Develop individual innovative research projects and obtain grants to support the work, and contribute to Centre-wide research and research training grants
  • Teach and supervise students, contribute to the development, coordination, and implementation of academic programmes in accordance with the aims of the Centre and the policy, strategy, and procedures of the University of Ghana
  • Monitor and evaluate the research progress of postgraduate fellows; provide scientific review of research supplies requests; track research progress documenting challenges and devising solutions to overcome the challenges
  • Review Postgraduate Fellows progress reports and provide expert recommendations to promote their work and timely completion of projects
  • Participate in seminars and thesis committee meetings of Postgraduate Fellows to gain in-depth understanding of their work and research support needs, and work with their supervisors to promote completion of projects and close of Awards

  • PhD in Human/Medical/Molecular Genetics or Biomedical/Health Sciences programme with at least 3-years postdoctoral research experience
  • Evidence of teaching and mentoring graduate students
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills including fluency in English, effective communication with different groups and report writing
  • Good computer literacy skills, with competencies in spreadsheets, word processing, power point, electronic communications applications, including teleconferencing and distance learning platforms 

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to by 4th April 2021.