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We engage multiple sectoral partners to help develop and improve our educational and research programmes and courses which ensure that our graduates directly address the current skill gap in Africa, this collaboration also ensure that our students gain adequate competencies needed to be relevant and employable. WAGMC also collaborates with partners to create laboratory, clinical and specialized internship opportunities which ensure that graduates gain valuable field experience. Faculty of WAGMC also have exchange programme opportunities with partners that enable career advancement, research and networking opportunities. Regional leaders in diverse specialties in the health sector provide guidance and input on the education and research activities of WAGMC. Several of these leaders sit on our Sectoral Advisory Committee (SAB) and International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAB) and meet biannually and provide regular feedback to the WAGMC Management Committee on performance, proposed work plans and relevance to development impact. WAGMC continues to seek collaborative opportunities with current as well as new partners.

Other components of our engagement model will include; Mission Alignment (by developing education, training and applied research that is responsive to the needs of industrial and sectoral partners, as well as the communities affected by the diseases of interest to promote Partner-Buy-in at all levels), Community Visibility, Executive Participation, Financial Impact. These major focus areas will be strengthened with cross-cutting themes in Relationship Building and Consistent Communication and follow-up. Individual groups participating in the proposed ACE have a tract record of successfully developing and sustaining such partnerships.

Academic Partners

    Sectoral Partners